Сейф KABA Vault door TRP Genius 9

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По Москве и области доставка осуществляется собственным автотранспортом.
Доставка в выходные дни осуществляется при предварительном согласовании в будние дни.

  • Тип покрытия: покраска RAL
  • Петли: внешние
  • The highest security feature The vault door armouring itself cannot be broken down even with the most modern of burglary tools
  • The doors were tested and certified at VdS in Cologne based on European norms EN 1143- 1
  • Vault doors are exclusively equipped with Paxos, the electronic security lock system
  • This high security lock system, which also meets the stringent VdS requirements, stands out for, among other things, its high reliability
  • This is achieved through the existence of doubly executed assembly groups and functions
  • This so- called redundancy naturally has its price
  • The initial additional investment pays off during the useful life through the practically one hundred percent readiness for use of this redundant system
  • European norms as standard European norms take into account an ever more aggressive threat
  • By way of a type test on penetration and forcible opening, all products must demonstrate a defined minimum resistance value when tools with a mechanical, thermal, electromechanical and manipulative effect are used on them
  • Prerequisites for a VdS certificate are a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as an accompanying inspection of production by an external company
  • Every change to the construction or to the production process must be explicitly approved by VdS
  • Vault door TRP Genius 9 Based on European norms EN 1143-1 Degree of resistance (WG) IX/IX-CD, VdS tested and certified
класс 5
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